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Seminar: Up The Amazon River Without A Paddle? We can help!

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Join us for a 6 hour seminar about navigating the complicated river of Amazon. Learn how to: 

~ Upload Your Book To Amazon

~ Navigate Amazon Author Pages and A+ Pages

~ Amazon Click-Ads

~ Accept Orders

~ Ship to Warehouses

~ Monitor Sales and Click Ads

~ Add Categories To Your Amazon Listings

~ Do Book Reviews, How To Ask, How To Write, Why They Are Important

~ Many More

Get a realistic experience of the work and time it takes, the knowledge to navigate the three main arms of the system, and leave with your book uploaded and your ads and Amazon Author page working for you. The six hours includes a lunch break of 45 minutes. Participants are limited to 12 per seminar to give the maximum benefit to each. Please indicate in the comments section which Seminar you're interested in attending. Once signed up, an informational sheet will be sent with what to do ahead of time, what to bring with you, and why! All seminars will be located in Scottsdale, AZ.


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