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Steve the Dung Beetle: On a Roll - Hardback

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Already winning a Readers Favorite 5 Star award, Steve The Dung Beetle: On A Roll is full of fun and information.

Hey, Steve! Why are you rolling that ball of poo? Steve the dung beetle is on a mission: to roll his dung ball home. Along the way, he meets curious animals who ask him what he is doing. Steve's answers are gross, funny, and fascinating, and show how a little bug can make a BIG impact on the environment.Learn about many animals from Africa and how Steve impacts them all when he does his job well! A GREAT learning tool with 'about' animals written by experts in the field.

This book is packed with information about the animals he meets and the importance of Steve's purpose in the enviromment. Everyone loves the dung beetle jokes included at the back of the book.

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